Sainsbury’s boss quits after having made 10 times more in 6 years than shop floor staff make in their entire lives

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Sainsbury’s has announced its chief executive Mike Coupe will retire from the supermarket group.

The boss retires after 6 years, having accumulated 10 times more non-bonus salary than the average shop floor employee will earn in their entire lives.

It’s only fair really.  Mr Coupe has done so much for the shop floor staff it’s untrue.

He oversaw the failed merger with Asda.  

And… um… well, we’re sure he did some really important stuff too.  You know, nearly as important as putting out those big cardboard boxes so shoppers can donate stuff – for which they’ve just paid overinflated prices – to the foodbank.

That alone justifies his £962,000 a year salary, surely?

A shop worker earning a meagre £14,000 a year will earn close to half that in their 40 year working life, IF they’re allowed to retire at 65, which they probably won’t be able to.  So, they’ll actually earn much, much more really, so should be grateful. Almost half what Mr Coupe gets in a year, in fact!

Shop floor staff shouldn’t be getting anyway near that.  I mean, they only put out the food so that people who can’t afford to drive to a further away supermarket because the petrol there costs too much can buy beans to actually keep them and their kids alive.  

But that’s not nearly as important as a failed supermarket merger that could’ve crushed the competition, is it?

Mr Coupe said, “There is never a good time to move on, but as we and the industry continue to evolve, I believe now is the right time for me to hand over to my successor.”

He did not add, “Well, I’ve earned a shitload of cash now – more than anybody could ever need for doing effectively fuck all – so it’s probably time to let someone else forsake the lowest paid members of Sainsbury’s staff.”

His successor will be offered his salary in Nectar points.


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