Ryanair voted least-liked airline for 6th year running. Most-liked – with zero complaints, and also zero planes – Seaborne Flights.

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Ryanair voted least-liked airline for 6th year running. Most-liked (with zero complaints, and also zero planes) - Seaborne Flights.

Ryanair has won the honour of the UK’s least-liked short-haul airline for the sixth year running. The airline left passengers unimpressed with its boarding processes, seat comfort, food and drink offering, and cabin environment.

Ryanair pride themselves on offering cheap flights with no frills attached. They do, reluctantly, provide oxygen masks & life jackets after failing to persuade authorities that there’s no point because ‘most passengers rarely use them’.

Rory Boland, editor of Which? Travel magazine, also noted: ‘increasingly you need a calculator to work out what the final bill will be’.*

To address this, Ryanair now offers an online diploma course entitled, ‘Working Out Your Bill’ for an industry-best price of only £24.99, plus 12% if you’d like a paper certificate, a further £0.20 per excess minute spent taking the exam and an additional £(the square root of the hypotenuse multiplied by pi) if you ultimately decide to fly EasyJet instead.

Ryanair has introduced new baggage rules three times and broken the law by refusing to offer passengers compensation for cancelled flights.

The winner of the best short-haul airline award has never changed their baggage rules, cancelled or delayed flights, or, indeed, any complaints about their flights whatsoever.

“The secret of our success is not to have any planes,” said the Directors of Seabourne Flights.

Ryanair also won in 2014.

Against tough competition from Malaysia Airlines, who still have no idea what happened to Flight MH370 and all its passengers.

It was a close call, with Malaysia Airlines only losing out after Ryanair’s lawyers pointed out that the route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is 414km over the definition of a short-haul flight.

Which? said “thousands of respondents” to their survey would never fly on Ryanair again.

It’s understood that the passengers on Flight MH370, likewise, won’t be flying Malaysian Airlines again.


(Additional Material: Alexander MJ Smith)
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