RSPCA: “please – look out for deadly snakes during cold snap”. Hollow out a baguette to make a crusty sleeping bag. Or leave the cat-flap open and stick the heating on full.

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Britain’s pets are experiencing the first cold spell to embrace the nation since the Beast From The East. Some animals are better equipped than others to survive.

Storm Deidre brought more than just complicated love triangles to middle-aged men called Ken.

As the nation is set to experience further inclement weather and farmers wrap their pigs in blankets, spare a thought for escaped exotic pets roaming Britain’s streets in search of heat.

The RSPCA estimates there are as many as two million snakes kept in Britain’s homes and given the right circumstances many will escape.

RSPCA worker Brad Nelson explains “Reptiles can’t generate their own body heat, like a car”.

“They have to rely on their ability to find an external heat source, or in the case of Britain’s only (barely) venomous snake, the Adder, hide away underground for months on end”.

Who can forget the recent heart-wrenching photograph on social media of a London python cuddling a pigeon to keep itself warm?

And who can fail to be moved by the generosity of Geordie pythons donating pre-shed skins to keep their cold Home Counties cousins warm.

But what can you do? The RSPCA have advice:

Hollowed-out baguettes make the ideal crusty sleeping-bags for a snake. Or if you haven’t go any bread, simply prop the cat flap open and leave the oven on low.

If you feel a chill and consider reaching for an extra layer of clothing instead of the heating switch, please spare a thought for escaped deadly snakes; leave a door open and crank that thermostat up. 

Brought to you by Britain’s ‘Big Six’ energy firms.

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