Royal split has been “inevitable” ever since William pinned Harry down and farted on his face

The Royals
Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals due to a 'lack of scandal'

Buckingham Palace has revealed that sibling rivalry between prince’s William and Harry came to a head after ‘Wills pinned down his brother and farted on his face.’

The Queen met the two princes at Sandringham yesterday to discuss their futures.

The meeting was delayed when Harry found someone had put soap on his toothbrush. Once he’d cleaned it off and brushed his teeth he then refused to get in the car as William had taken the front seat again.

In October, Harry responded to speculation about a rift between the brothers by saying the pair were ‘on different paths at the moment’ but he loved William ‘dearly’.

But that didn’t stop him putting a whoopee cushion on William’s seat at an official engagement at the palace.

The relationship between the brothers has been described as ‘strained’.

William was said to be ‘furious’ at the whoopee cushion incident that left him red-faced in front of visiting dignitaries, and he got his own back by putting itching powder on the inside of Harry’s crown and then loudly accusing his younger brother of having nits in front of everyone.

Things took a further downward turn when the state dinner was served, and William tried his usual trick of putting all his veg on his brothers’ plate while Harry was distracted by one of their grandads’ racist jokes. This time Harry sought revenge by exposing William for the time he shat on the Queen’s throne and blamed it on one of the corgis, leaving the elder sibling with ‘no alternative’ but to sit on his brothers’ face and let rip.

Monday’s gathering at the Queen’s estate in Norfolk was the first time the monarch has spoken face-to-face with Prince Harry since the Sussexes’ announcement that they intend to step back as senior royals.

She told the pair that while she found farting on a sibling’s face ‘fucking hilarious’, she was disappointed that they hadn’t been able to fix it with ‘a good old fashioned fist fight’ and instead had allowed it to cause a rift in the family.

The Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge have denied claims that their relationship was damaged by bullying.

With both brothers stating it was damaged because the other one ‘picks his bum and eats it.’


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