Rory Stewart’s Tie Joins The Lib Dems

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Rory Stewart's Tie Joins The Lib Dems

Rory Stewart baffled viewers during the BBC Tory leadership debate by taking off his tie minutes into the show with the four other remaining candidates

The tie was then seen leaving the studio, in disgust and has now joined the Liberal Democrats

The Secretary of State for International Development started the show wearing his tie but moments later he was observed with an open collar

“Personally, I see it as more I left him”, stated the Tie in a candid interview, “Finally being in the room with the only people who could be leader of the Tory Party, made me realise that conservatism is probably not for me.”, the Tie went onto say, “I have many fine neck-ware associates over in the Liberal Democrats, who have made me feel very welcome. Vince Cable’s cravat and I share many of the same views on Education, for instance.”

The Structure of the debate has been criticised by many viewers

“With those five all sitting on those bar stools, I thought they were going to break out in song”, the Tie chuckled, “The last thing this country needs, are the leadership candidates breaking out into a rendition of ‘Side by Side’ ”

BBC Presenter Emily Maitlis has been heavily criticised for her handling of the debate

“She didn’t even say hello to me”, said the Tie, “and I didn’t get chance to answer any of the questions, or put forward my plans for a Post-Brexit Britain. This Tie  has some novel and original ideas on how accessories in general, across all parties, faiths, cultures and minorities,   can play a part in our new society.  For example, Anna Soubry’s handbag,  has some fine ideas on immigration controls, whilst Arleen Foster’s headscarf has a lot to offer on the solution to the backstop. ”

Rory Stewart has been complaining about the debate structure on LBC today

“I shall miss Tie”, stated every non-Tory voter’s favourite, “but I’m sure by the end of the week there is a distinct possibility of Tie and myself working together in the future.  Especially when I wake up from this charade  and join the Lib Dems myself, to become their leader”

In the vote today, Rory failed to get enough votes – and has now been eliminated from the Leadership contest.


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