Queen calls for people to respect each other and find common ground. Especially Meghan and Kate.

The Royals

The Queen has called on people to find “common ground” and respect “different points of view”.

The remarks, given during a speech to mark 100 years of Sandringham Women’s Institute, have been interpreted by many as referring to Brexit.

However, royal insiders have told us the exasperated monarch was more likely to be making a subtle reference to Kate and Meghan’s mutual loathing..

“It’s no big secret that the rival duchess’s haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye over the past few months,” said former royal aide Dickie Worricker.

“Meghan considers Kate a dull thicko with no personality and finds her kids prissy and annoying.”

“Kate, for her part, finds Meghan overbearing, patronising and took great offence to a joke she made during Christmas dinner about British cuisine.”

In her speech, the Queen espoused the virtues of “respecting different points of view, coming together to seek out the common ground; and never losing sight of the bigger picture.”

It’s believed this could be a coded reference to Kate spending more time looking for unflattering photos of Meghan on Google than playing with her three children.

Worricker said: “While she has far too much class to say so publicly, the endless bickering is clearly getting on the Queen’s tits.

“Apparently during a joint engagement just before Christmas, Meghan wouldn’t stop bitching about Kate’s dowdy fashion sense.

“In the end Philip had to step in to tell her to shut up and listen to the brass band.”

In contrast, it’s understood Prince Charles finds the pair’s bickering “quite amusing” and is fairly confident Meghan will probably get bored and sod off soon anyway.


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