Queen announces she’s stepping back from Royal duties as her family and her government are all a bunch of enormous bellends

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Queen Elizabeth SICK of everyone bitching behind her back

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced they are to step back from all senior royal duties.

After yet another crisis, The Queen has also announced she is stepping back from Royal duties because, frankly, she doesn’t have to deal with all this shit at her age.

Her Majesty also thinks that no-one gives a shit what she thinks anymore anyway, so why the hell not.

The Queen has had a torrid time of it recently and, to be honest, at her age, can’t be fucking bothered trying to manage her bellend of a family anymore, as well as being the figurehead for a bellend of a government.

As well as Harry and Meghan’s announcement, granddaughter Zara Tindell was banned from driving for 6 months, The Duke of Edinburgh had a car crash and Prince Andrew is a car crash.

Some of the family don’t even ask her opinion about their next move; her husband, daughter and granddaughter refuse to abide by the driving laws created in her name and one of her sons is basically the Royal equivalent of Chris Grayling.

Before Christmas, Boris Johnson lied to her in order to prorogue Parliament in an attempt to force through Dominic Cummings’ Hard Brexit.

The man who is in charge of her Parliament made Boris Johnson tell her porkies solely in order to increase his own power. In the olden days that would get you thrown in the Tower at the very least.

And all this is going on whilst Netflix take the piss out of her!

She’s obviously thought: ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ and is fucking orf to live in a nice semi in Halifax.

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