Public complain about unsolicited Johnson emails, “just another day online for us…” say women

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Public complain about unsolicited Johnson emails, just another day online for us... say women

A new inquiry by the UK’s data protection watchdog has been launched after members of the public complained that they had received unsolicited emails from Boris Johnson.

Men currently face no repercussions for sending personal messages to unsuspecting women. The Johnson emails, which were sent to members of the public regardless of gender, could change this. Amanda, 34, Devon, said “I probably get 3 or 4 Johnson emails from men every day. I’m thrilled they’re launching an investigation, I don’t want that for my daughter.”

The email was sent in the style of a personal letter, and called individuals by their first names.

The individuals found this a little over familiar, with one woman who wishes to remain anonymous stating “Politicians used to take time to get to know you, now they send an inappropriate mass email”.

The correspondence ended with: “Yours sincerely, Boris Johnson, prime minister and leader of the Conservative party”

An anonymous member of the public submitted further messages she’d received from Boris, prior to the Johnson email.

Hey babe u up?
Is a mandate of 66% big enough for you?
I’d really like you to vote tory.
Lol just kidding.
Unless you’re into it haha?

Due to data protection regulation, political parties can only send email messages to those who have consented to receive such material.

The individuals who received the Johnson content are still unaware as to how their details were obtained and are outraged. Even if the Johnson email were solicited, reports show that they were shorter than average and left those on the receiving end feeling unsatisfied.


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