Prince Philip car crash latest: Revealed as new presenter of ‘Top Gear’

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The victim of the car crash that saw Prince Philip overturn his Land Rover has suggested he should be prosecuted.

Instead the BBC have taken the rather obvious step of making him the lead presenter of ‘Top Gear’.

Creakingly old, inherently bigoted and being entirely funded by the public, this cheap reversal gag could apply to either the Queen’s husband or Top Gear.

Despite reports of being “shocked and shaken” by the accident, he was seen driving a brand new car without his seatbelt fastened just 48 hours after his vehicle flipped on one side.

His plain-speaking and forthright views about other countries already make him a firm favourite with the show’s viewers and UKIP voters.

The new series starts soon, and challenges could include him, Andrew and Harry driving the most expensive cars and taking the piss out of them for not being luxurious enough.

He may be 97, but that’s no reason for him not to have the strength to punch a producer in the face.

He probably wouldn’t be keen on a subsequent job at Amazon though.  He thinks everyone there is a savage.

The new series of Top Gear is taking Jeremy Clarkson’s Amazon Prime show head-on.

Much as Philip took on the person driving that other car.

The woman whose car was hit says she has yet to hear apologies from the duke.

Much like the locals of every country he’s ever visited.

An entrepreneurial ebay seller has been found selling debris from the scene of the incident.

Available are a walking stick, some Werthers’ Originals and a flattened corgi.

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