Prince Harry and 100 “inspiring” celebs use private jets to spell out ‘Climate Change is not cool’ mid-air.

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Prince Harry and 100 inspiring celebs use private jets to spell out 'Climate Change is not cool' mid-air

This week, over 100 celebrities attended Google’s four-day climate change event in Sicily.

The event was attended by such high profile figures as Prince Harry, Katy Perry, and Leonardo Dicaprio, many of whom traveled to the event by private jet. In order to raise awareness The celebrities scheduled their flights to meet in the air, and then arranged their private jets to spell out ‘Climate Change is not cool’.

The first pass resulted in a misplaced spelling of ‘change’, so the celebrities did another pass before spelling it correctly, adding an additional hour onto the flight times.

Reports say over 114 private jets were used, along with helicopters and a mass of yachts.

Harry Styles drove around the island in a diesel spewing Maserati that had the bumper sticker ‘save the planet’, and Chris Martin gave a live performance to the assembled crowd while substituting lyrics to reflect about climate change.

“Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah they were all, being hidden due to light pollution and industrial smog.”

The event ended with Prince Harry delivering an impassioned plea about rising sea levels while standing atop a 40ft tall ‘Mecha-tank’ powered by dinosaur bones.

Google spent over $20 million for the three day event on the luxury resort of the Rocco Forte Hotel.

Prominent scientists have applauded the event.
“I think it’s amazing,” said leading climate change expert Neil DeMikeTyson.
“The best way to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change is through a lavish, high class event that no members of the general public could feasibly attend,” DeMikeTyson continued.
“Why go on the news or hear the thoughts of professionals in scientific fields when you can have the singer of ‘California Gurls’ tell her celebrity friends that Climate Change needs to ‘like stop or whatever’.”

(Header Image: Simon Paul Miller)
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