Poll reveals public favour None of the Above for next PM

UK Politics
Boris' Empty Chair refuses to debate with Jeremy Hunt

According to an independent survey the British public want neither Boris Johnson nor Jeremy Hunt to be the next Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson polled 28% of the vote while Mr Hunt received 22%,

but the overwhelming majority of respondents said they’d prefer None of the Above.

None of the Above has made no indication if its stance on Brexit, but still received 37% of the vote putting it streets ahead of Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour leader, who has opted for a similarly vague view on EU membership, polled 3% putting him marginally behind I Don’t Know and Errm?

Mr Johnson remains popular with Tory MP’s.

But then so were Ann Widdecombe, austerity and Theresa May, once.

Mr Johnson was the favoured choice of Conservative supporters – who actually have a vote in the contest to replace Theresa May – on 46% to Mr Hunt’s 33%.

Of the other respondents 18% voted for Lord Take Me Now with 3% preferring I’d Rather Gouge Out My Own Eyeballs With a Teaspoon Than Vote For One Of These Fucktards.

While the Tory members will elect the next leader, both candidates are mindful that they face a major battle to win over the public.

Both have set out their own methods for gaining the backing of the public but experts say the two men have failed to deal with the fundamental problem that they are Tory MP’s and therefore nobody likes them.

The new leader is set to be announced on 22nd July.


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