Poisonous Reptile found at the border. “Let him in, he’s one of us!” says Farage.

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Stowaway snake found at the border. Let him in, he's one of us! says Farage. copy

A snake has been found in the back of a lorry in Purfleet after travelling thousands of miles from India.

In an unexpected move, Nigel Farage said it shouldn’t be sent home and should be allowed to stay in country, describing it as ‘one of us’.

The slimy, poisonous reptile, seen by many as repulsive, decided not to stand as a Brexit party candidate in next week’s election.

The snake is believed to have travelled more than 4,700 miles (7,600km) in the lorry.

And the three days it spent crossing Europe means it’s spent longer on the continent this year than MEP Farage.

The snake, which was found last week, is now in the care of staff at the RSPCA’s rescue centre in Brighton.

A spokesman said it was the safest place for the snake, as Brexit Party members are scared to go to the UK’s ‘gay capital’ for fear of being drowned by flooding. The snake has asked that Farage’s request to meet is not granted. It said is was ‘disgusted’ that it was being compared to Farage, saying ‘How can he be called a reptile? All reptiles have to have a backbone’.

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