Paul Nuttall quits UKIP. Launches United Kingdom Independence From United Kingdom Independence Party Party.

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Ex-UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has become the latest senior figure to leave the threadbare party over Tommy Robinson’s controversial hiring, following on from the recent departures of Nigel Farage and Scottish MEP David Coburn.

Mr. Nuttall commented: “By hiring Tommy Robinson as an advisor and adopting an increasingly ‘anti-islam’ agenda, UKIP have lost sight of their core value of being anti-everyone. This at its most basic level is discriminatory, and I will not tolerate discrimination against any individual religious, racial or secular group. There can be no division in discrimination.”

Former founder of the English Defence League, Robinson, was appointed by UKIP leader Gerard Batten, as an adviser despite UKIP’s ruling body’s non-commitment to allow him to become a party member until after Brexit Day.

Nigel Farage’s attempt to force a vote of no-confidence in current leader Gerard Batten, accusing him of being “obsessed” with the figurehead of the right-wing political entity, failed due to a ‘Takes one to know one’ legal ruling.

Mr. Nuttall will continue to serve as an MEP until his term expires next year, after which himself, Mr. Farage and 15 of the 24 UKIP MEP’s elected in 2014 that have since resigned, plan to campaign as UKIFUKIPP: the United Kingdom Independence From United Kingdom Independence Party Party.

The UKIFUKIPP manifesto will aim to reassure the centrist right and hard right of the near far-right and far far-right voter that they have a equal place and unified voice in contemporary discriminatory politics. From each according to their prejudice, to each according to their beliefs.

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