Paul Hollywood dumped over NDA asking girlfriend not to admit she hates his cakes.

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Paul Hollywood dumped over NDA asking girlfriend not to admit she hates his cakes

Paul Hollywood dumped after asking girlfriend to sign a legal gagging order.

When asked about the gagging, his ex-girlfriend said, “It was like chewing wall paper.”

The NDA would have prevented Summer from discussing personal details of their relationships. 

Especially about how bad the cakes were and how controlling he was about how to describe his baking.

Sources say that Paul was really angry when she…

declared “With all the love in the world, I’m not going to eat it.”

Summer is 29 years younger than Paul Hollywood.

Commenting on the age difference, she said, “…everything looks straight from the 1970s.”

Sources say the pair are over for good.

Adding, “Life is miles away from the flavour point.”

Paul was recently divorced from his wife Alex. “Intolerable,” she said,

Recalling the cakes he had made for her over the last 21 years.

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