Parker Solar Probe’s final destination “only” 3.8 million miles from sun’s surface. Tickets now available from the Ryanair website.

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Voyager 2 Left Out In The Cold Whilst Parker Solar Probe Has Moment In The Sun.

On the very same day that the 40 year old Voyager 2 probe reached interstellar space, the (relatively newborn) Parker Solar Probe went the other way – making its first close approach towards our sun.

Launched in August this year, the Parker Solar Probe travelled towards the sun at 430,000 mph – enduring temperatures greater than a million degrees Fahrenheit while being bombarded with intense sun light.

The craft was able to withstand the unbearable temperatures by simply winding down a window.

Despite the final destination being 3.8 million miles away from the sun’s surface – you can still book tickets on Ryanair’s website.

Launched in 1977, the Voyager 2 probe has been travelling for over forty years – yet it took just 19 hours for it to get a message all the way back to Earth.

That’s five hours quicker than the majority of messages sent by O2 customers last week.

And the message that Voyager 2 sent?

“Any chance of a lift home?”

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