Paddy Power offering 3:1 on Samaritans curing gambling addiction on the first call

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Paddy Power offering 3-1 on Samaritans curing gambling addiction on the first call

Samaritans criticised over Paddy Power Betfair partnership

Paddy Power are saying the odds of overcoming gambling addiction have significantly increased now that they’re working closely with The Samaritans.

They’re so confident that they’re offering 3:1 on becoming completely free of gambling addiction after the first call.

The new partnership is expected to seriously raise the profile of The Samaritans and you can expect to see their logo on the livery of race horses at a meet near you soon.

Under the slogan ‘Give yourself a chance’ they’re offering great odds on a whole range of depression and addiction related conditions, allowing sufferers to profit from their own recovery.

Samaritans says it will also help it continue its work 

Now, here at The News Dump we pride ourselves on being open minded but this statement does seem to be somewhat misguided.

An organisation dealing with gambling addiction being sponsored by a bookie is like Fitness First doing a deal with Greggs Bakery.

What’s next? A set of scratch cards called ‘Top Yourself Trumps’ offering cash prizes if you don’t jump?

“At best this is distasteful and at worst it’s appalling,” – Carolyn Harris, chairwoman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Related Harm

Unsurprisingly The Samaritans are facing some severe criticism about this partnership and a number of their phone operators are complaining of loss of appetite, drinking to much and depression as a result.

Unfortunately the only solution for them is to call themselves which is not particularly effective.

As if that wasn’t enough, a source at the organisation has revealed that not one of The Samaritans actually come from Samaria!



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