Offensive article (this one) compares Alan Sugar to a Mouldy Bap.

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Millions of us called in “sick” the day after England’s 2-1 win over Tunisia – in order to nurse our hangovers.

Staff absence and lateness was 36% higher than usual. Leeds clearly woke up with the biggest hangover – as more than four times the usual number of workers called in sick.

For businesses struggling to cover the cost of unexpected absence, don’t worry. England won’t be in the competition for much longer. They never are.

One man really should’ve taken the day off, but didn’t – Alan Sugar.

He instead, decided to make the laziest joke ever – in what he’s now realised was an incredibly ill-advised tweet.

Well Alan – as we know you’re such a fan of lazy comparisons, we thought we’d make a few of our own. Because Alan Sugar reminds us of a few things too.

He reminds us of Fozzy Bear. The resemblance is uncanny.

He reminds us of this Old Kettle.

And just like the kettle, he went off the boil a long, long time ago. It’s a scalding resemblance.

And finally, Alan Sugar looks a little bit like this Mouldy Bap.

This one’s a little harder to spot – but once you’ve seen it, it’ll grow on you.

What do you think Alan Sugar looks like? Make your own lazy comparisons in the comments below!


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