“Now is the time to unite society”, says man who likened Muslim women who wear the Burka to ‘Letter Boxes’

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Boris Johnson confirms leadership bid. Tory Incompetence to be replaced by Tory Buffoonery

Boris Johnson has launched his Tory leadership campaign at a press conference in London, by stating he is the man “..to unite society”.

Except if you are a Muslim woman who wears a Burka, who was likened to ‘a bank robber, or a letter box’

BBC Political Correspondent, Laura Kuenssberg asked Mr Johnson “can you be trusted”

“Absolutely and emphatically!”, responded the man who promised £350M per week to the NHS during the referendum campaign.

Who lied to, then Tory leader, Michael Howard, who, when  asked if he was involved in an affair, denied the allegation and which, when uncovered, resulted him being sacked from his role as shadow arts minister.

Who agreed to supply the address of a journalist, to his Eton and Oxford colleague, Darius Guppy, under the full impression the journalist was intended to be a target for a physical assault.

Who, during a 2017 select committee hearing, the then, Foreign Secretary, erroneously said Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, still detained in Iran, was training journalists in the region. Her sentence was then doubled

“Occasionally the ‘plaster falls off the ceiling’ because of some comment I made”, the former Foreign Secretary said

Who also said that money spent on historical child abuse accusations had been “spaffed up the wall”.

Who said that the Libyan city of Sirte would have a bright future as a luxury resort once investors “cleared the dead bodies away”.

Who said that “crowds at the Hillsborough disaster had contributed towards the incident and that Liverpudlians had a predilection for reliance on the welfare state.”

“I believe in setting people free by equipping them with the education to achieve their dreams”

Spoke the former recipient of the Eton King’s Scholarship (thus reducing the fees to be paid by the Johnson family), alumni of Balliol College Oxford and member of the elitist Bullingdon Club…… all during a period where student fees were paid for by state funding and grants were available for those seeking access to higher education.

Whilst London Mayor Boris Johnson claims to have reduced knife crime in London

And then subsequently, then be part of the Tory Government, that reduced Police funding,  owing to austerity measures,leading to a rise in knife crime  under Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Boris Johnson, then took a large amount of credit for the London 2012 Olympics and the public availability of hire bicycles in London , that his predecessor, Ken Livingstone, helped to achieve.

Jason Groves, of the Daily Mail, asked Boris Johnson, if his claim in GQ magazine, in 2009, that he took cocaine was true

Boris then refused to answer the question, that  he took a Class-A drug, that currently carries a custodial sentence of up to seven years for possession.

Heather Stewart of the Guardian, questioned that EU officials in Brussels may not be so susceptible to his charms, as he may hope

“I envisage no problems in getting this thing done”, said the man, who in 2017 said, during a visit to India, “the European Union wanted to inflict Nazi-style ‘punishment beatings’ on the UK because of Brexit.”


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