Notre Dame officially Paris’ hottest tourist destination (Too Soon…?)

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Notre Dame officially Paris' hottest tourist destination

A major fire has engulfed the medieval cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris.

Making the often overlooked site an overnight sensation – it’s now officially Paris’s hottest tourist destination.

There are rumours the Gilet Jaune protests will be called off this weekend – after organisers admit they’ll never top the Cathedral job.

Officials say it could be linked to the renovation work that began after cracks appeared in the stone

Although it also might have something to do with Disney’s Producers going a little too far with their latest live-action remake.

Production on remake of The Hunchback of Notre Dame has since been put on ice. As has the Hunchback himself. We hear he’s doing ok.

According to some science that apparently took place in 2014, it takes approximately 36 days from the point of a tragedy to go from ‘Too Soon?!’ to ‘Fair game for jokes’.

So for jumping the gun, we can only apologise.

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