‘No problem, I just thought I’d ask’ Nicola Sturgeon tells Boris Johnson

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Nicola Sturgeon has told Boris Johnson that she completely understands the Prime Minister’s decision to block a second Scottish independence referendum and thanked him for taking time out of his busy schedule to consider it.

The news follows the UK government’s formal rejection of a call from Scotland’s First Minister for a second referendum.

‘It was really very good of the Prime Minister to get back to me so quickly’ said Ms Sturgeon.

‘I completely understand that Boris is reluctant to allow another independence referendum in the near future. I know he has a lot on his plate at the moment, what with the Brexit negotiations and the Iran crisis and all that stuff’.

‘To be honest I’m a bit snowed under too so it’s probably best to put the whole independence thing on the back-burner for now. But you can’t blame me for asking, God loves a trier!’

‘Boris can just get back to me when his diary is a bit clearer and we can take a view on it then. We’re certainly in no rush’.

In an interview with BBC Breakfast the Prime Minister said he was really sorry that he couldn’t agree to a referendum at the moment but looked forward to catching up with Nicola Sturgeon for a coffee and a chat in the near future. Mr Johnson ended the interview by making a telephone sign and mouthing the words ‘call me’ to the camera.

‘Hopefully I’ll get up to Edinburgh for a visit soon’ said Johnson.

‘I got such a warm welcome the last time that when we left Bute House we had to leave the back way to avoid being delayed for hours by well-wishers wanting selfies. They love me so much that I had to sneak out the back door with a blanket over my head and clamber over 2 walls to get to the car. Good times’.

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