No one at all surprised Boris (probably) fucked floppy-haired blonde narcissist

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No one at all surprised Boris probably fucked floppy-haired blonde narcissist

US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri has refused point blank to confirm whether she had an intimate relationship with Boris Johnson whilst he was London mayor.

Absolutely no one is in the least bit surprised that solipsistic prime minister Boris Johnson probably fucked a floppy-haired blonde narcissist.

These levels of narcissism are usually only aspirational, even for Love Island contestants.

Ms Arcuri told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that Mr Johnson came to her flat “a handful” of times.

“A handful” being exactly what she remembers most.

The Prime Minister has insisted everything was done “entirely in the proper way”

There was none of that ‘reverse cowgirl’, for starters. Otherwise they ERG would disown him.

There appears to be more going on here than just a standard Boris affair.

Boris saw a lot of Boris in this woman. Subsequently, it appears there was a lot of Boris in this woman. Despite this, Boris’s mind was obviously banging Boris rather than the woman.

It seems the same may have been true of her.

An anonymous insider said, “There is little doubt there was a double-sided mirror between their faces whilst their bottom halves got on with the carnal atrocities.”


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