No-Deal Brexit would leave UK free to import chlorine-washed chicken. US Swimming Pools commandeered to help prepare.

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No-Deal Brexit would leave UK free to import chlorine-washed chicken. US Swimming Pools commandeered to help prepare

The U.S.A farming and sporting bodies are collaborating in preparation to ‘meat’ demands following a Hard or No Deal Brexit, when the UK government could lower standards of food quality and begin importing chlorine-washed chicken on a large scale.

EU rules currently limit US exports of certain food products including chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-boosted beef.

It is becoming an increasing concern among farming unions, trade justice campaigners and the general public as the Brexit deadline looms, that chickens may soon be crossing the Atlantic in a new trade deal between the UK and the US.

Woody Johnson, US ambassador to the UK said their practices are “the future of farming” while the EU’s “traditionalist approach” belongs in the past. On Friday Donald Trump’s administration published its demands for a post-Brexit trade deal with Britain, which insists on “comprehensive market access” for US agricultural products and the elimination of “unwanted barriers” to food and drink imports.

The National Farmers Union, said the UK government should not accept an American deal “which allows food to be imported into this country produced in ways which would be illegal here.”

Billy ‘the Dolphin’ Price, a freestyle swimmer from New York hoping to make the US 2020 Olympic team selection said “I turned up this morning to my local swimming pool at 6am for a training session and to my horror found it full of floating chicken carcasses. They’re taking the piss, in fact I’d rather swim in a pool of piss than dead chickens.”

The pilot project is ruffling many feathers as it is slowly being rolled out in a number of pools along the East Coast. Swimmers are complaining they are only being given nuggets of information and are not being kept abreast of the situation which could seriously impact on their training schedules.

When asked for his opinion on the project, Bernie Sanders a Democratic Party member running for US Presidential candidate said “I’m not the founder of KFC” and had no more to say on the issue.

A Spokesperson for Downing Street insisted: “We have always been very clear that we will not lower our food standards as part of a future trading agreement.”

A US spokesperson for International food and farming said “We sincerely hope the UK don’t chicken out of this potential trade deal. It’s a tried and tested, safe method and is not like anyone is winging it. By ultilising swimming pools full of chlorine we can be ready for the demand post-Brexit.”

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