No change, as MPs agree to reopen Parliament with virtually no one there

UK Politics
DWP deems British Parliament 'unfit to work'

MPs have approved plans to reopen Parliament with a maximum of 50 MPs sitting at any one time.

With many commentators suggesting that if they can get 50 MPs in that building when it’s not PMQs then Coronavirus will have been a far greater success than any amendment to the Road Traffic Act could ever hope to be.

The plans will also allow for up to 120 MPs to take part in proceedings via Zoom.

Although early indications are that most of them will spend their day playing Call of Duty after texting the Speaker to say they have ‘connection issues.’

The UK government has already had to defend its decision to hold cabinet meetings via Zoom after security concerns were raised.

Officials have denied that a virtual Parliament will pose a risk to security and say there are actually benefits associated with the scheme. A spokesman said Ian Duncan Smith will now be able to take part without underwear allowing him to quickly toss himself off when decisions are made to withhold benefits from the disabled or increase taxes on the poor.’

MPs are due to debate key Brexit legislation when they return.

And Jacob Rees-Mogg said he’s looking forward to lying on ‘a nice comfy bed’ instead of the front benches.

Current rules say a minimum of 40 MPs must be present for any vote to take place.

But proposals have been put forward to allow decisions to be made using Twitter polls or by posting emojis on Facebook.

MPs will have to approve the plan next week when they return.

Although without the decision being made it’s hard to know how they’ll make the decision as no decision will have been made as to how they meet to make the decision.

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