NHS offering 2/1 that bookies are responsible for gambling addiction

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NHS offering 2 to 1 that bookies are responsible for gambling addiction

The NHS are offering odds of 2/1 that bookies are found to be responsible for gambling addiction.

The industry said it was determined to make gambling safer.

The head of mental health services in England, Claire Murdoch, said incentives like VIP treatment should be banned to stop the ‘vicious gambling cycle’.

Following real term cuts to NHS funding, National Health England is piloting a project in which they take bets from punters on a whole range of health and wellbeing factors.

Popular bets at the moment are; How long until the ambulance turns up? How many new hospitals will Boris actually build? and How many people will die in the next five years as a direct consequence of Tories failing to make good on their election promises?

Ms Murdoch said bookies are currently the second favourites in the race to be crowned ‘major scapegoat’ with Jeremy Corbyn odds on favourite.

She said she is worried that problem gamblers are being targeted.

And warned them not to be taken in by offers from major bookmakers, but to ‘consider a new spread betting syndicate being run by one of the surgeons from downstairs offering good odds on how long it takes addicts to have a proper meltdown.’

She said companies should stop offering incentives such as free bets.

Her comments were echoed by Matt Hancock who said he has made it his ‘absolute priority as Health Secretary’ to ensure that ‘nothing is free.’

Asked whether he thought it was appropriate for surgeons to be taking bets on the outcome of operations, Mr Hancock replied ‘You bet your life!’


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