New Monopoly Brexit Edition has ‘Chance’ as every single space.

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New Monopoly Brexit Edition has 'Chance' as every single space

The forthcoming Monopoly Brexit Edition is just a board with ‘Chance’ on every single space.

Some of the details of the cards have been leaked to us exclusively, such as

“Get out of jail free. If you’re rich. Otherwise, life imprisonment regardless of how many doubles you throw.”,

“You have won 2nd prize in a beauty contest. Loser. 2nd is NOTHING! Lose all your money on reconstructive facial surgery.”,

“You have won a Cross Word competition. Because you are a Leave voter. Well done.”


“Go to Jail: Go Directly to Jail, Do not Pass Go. Get executed.”

The Free Parking square has been removed, as it’s based upon London.

There are six new counters. One of the monocled, top-hatted Mr Monopoly himself, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and five wooden ones that can be burned for warmth.

Between the squares there is only rocky road.

Money will be revalued to reflect falling sterling, with the smallest denomination being a £50m note, featuring Greatest Briton to Ever Live (™), Boris Johnson. The smallest notes can be used to buy the single stale loaf left in the shop.

Monopoly: Brexit Edition is available tax-free for tax haven lovers everywhere.

(Additional material: Trevor Rudge)
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