New Ghostbusters film to ignore 2016’s all-female re-boot. Director Jason Reitman casts a team of crocodiles instead.

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Ghostbusters is coming back! A teaser trailer released today revealed that a new film would be hitting cinemas in 2020.



The trailer doesn’t feature the main characters – but director Jason Reitman has revealed that this next film will be wiping 2016’s all-female re-boot from the official record, and taking the franchise in a different direction.


“They’re the obvious choice” he said. “For one, they’re funny to look at. And two, they’re known for being very poor team players – so you can expect lots of fun as they’re forced to try and work together in order to rid Florida’s swamplands of poltergeists and apparitions”.

“You can expect plenty of snappy dialogue too!”

Jason Reitman is the son of Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two movies in the 1980s. News of his revisions to the Ghostbusters canon has divided opinion on social media.

“It’s good they’ve got rid of the women,” said themovieguy81 on Twitter. “but I wanted them to bring back Bill Murray and the others – not cast a load of stupid alligators or whatever.”


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