MySpace loses 12 years of data. Chris Grayling probably somehow to blame.

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MySpace loses 12 years of data. Chris Grayling probably somehow to blame - 3

MySpace apologised on Monday, admitting it suffered a massive data loss due to a system migration, wiping out 12 years worth of data.

For anyone under the age of 32, Myspace was the leading social media website of it’s time, long before Facebook started stealing all of your data.

MySpace was famous for helping to launch the careers of Lilly Allen and the Arctic Monkeys. The site admitted that all photos, videos and audio files uploaded prior to 2016 have been lost due the migration issue.

This has led to over seven complaints from it’s users

While it hasn’t gone into extensive explanation as to what the cause of the issue is Myspace did state “a server migration project” was the cause.

One Myspace insider, who definitely isn’t ‘Tom from Myspace’, was willing to provide us with some more details “We had this huge project coming up to move our data to a new server. We were introduced to a guy named Chris Grayling who was in the politics game. He said to us that he could make our data issues disappear. We didn’t know he literally meant he’d make our data disappear entirely”

The Migration project looks to have taken place more than a year ago.

Luckily for Grayling, not only did very few users of the site notice, but it seems like the staff at MySpace didn’t even notice themselves. Tom from Myspace The insider continued “In hindsight hiring Chris Grayling as a consultant might have been a monumental error, he kept talking about the importance of covering your tracks which seemed weird during the interview. He also asked if we owned a ferry firm? Which was even stranger”.

It seems the biggest loser from the whole debacle will be ‘Tom from MySpace’, already a lonely figure who forces you to be his friend when you sign up to the site, he’s sure to lose his remaining friends, and not even have any stored data to pine over old times.

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