Mums left in shock after finding Klu Klux Klan toys inside Kinder Surprise Egg. Kinder insists KKK eggs easy to avoid in-store, always positioned on the far right.

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PARENTS have expressed outrage over the “racist” design of a limited edition Kinder Egg toy. The popular chocolate treat contained a plastic cartoon egg holding three balloons with a “K” stamped on each one.

The confectionery company have pointed out that they have never claimed the surprise in their surprise eggs would be a nice surprise and that, whilst they may look brown, Kinder eggs have always been very white on the inside.

Kimberley, from Victoria, Australia, felt sick at the thought that her 15-month-son could have played with the toy.

Although this may have been something to do with this being the fifteenth Kinder egg she’d eaten that morning.

She said, “It raises questions as to what the company supports and if this is subliminal marketing.”

Kinder have stated that it’s very clear this is not subliminal marketing as the small leaflet enclosed with the toy is an application form for the KKK juniors club.

They’d also pointed out that it is very easy, should you wish to do so, to avoid picking a special edition KKK egg from their display  boxes – as they are always positioned on the far right.

Kinder then made another error that upset more people…

The confectionery company, who claim that they never intended the toy to be offensive, said that it had been part of the limited edition collection to celebrate 50 years.

…and had to apologise to the Ku Klux Klan whose current movement has been going for 60 years, not 50.

Meanwhile, another Mum was horrified to find racial segregation occurring within a branch of B&Q and posted this photo to share her outrage…

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