Mrs. Brown’s Boys new year’s special expected to destroy the entire Good Friday Agreement.

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Mrs. Brown's Boys new year's special expected to destroy the entire Good Friday Agreement

Mrs. Brown’s Boys aired a new year’s day special episode last night.

The episode was apparently the final straw between Irish and British relations, and the abysmal quality of it is expected to cause serious damage to the long standing Good Friday Agreement.

Representatives from the UK are outraged that Ireland has allowed such barrel scraping dross to spill over to the population, while representatives from Ireland are outraged that so many members of the British public are enamored, and therefore associating Ireland with, such ‘utter, utter shite.’

A spokesperson for the Ulster Unionist Party stated the following:
“We cannot have a free and respectable Ireland being associated with a TV show that even the 1970s would consider ‘dated as all fuck’. Many of us, and our Fathers, fought for the notion of an Ireland without British rule. We are a nation of poets, singers, and great talents, but if this is all we can show for it, then honestly, we should go back to throwing molotovs at soldiers and getting accidentally maimed by mistimed nail-bombs. At least that was funnier.”

Various Irish parties behind the agreement have stated that if the UK does not cut all ties with Mrs. Brown’s Boys, then they will consider it an ‘act of British aggression’ and be forced to act accordingly.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the British government has issued the below:
“Enough is Enough. The viewing habits of people laughing themselves into cardiac arrests over a man in drag does not reflect the British public as a whole. We cannot maintain a a good political standing with a country so open to creating such tedious nonsense, riddled with terrible catchphrases, gay jokes, sexism, and grotesque sentimentality forced with all the subtlety of an explosion outside a London pub.”

It is believed that Mrs Brown’s Boys is actually an independent entity, showing allegiance to neither party or politics. Or jokes.


2 thoughts on “Mrs. Brown’s Boys new year’s special expected to destroy the entire Good Friday Agreement.

  1. Am a big fan of Mrs Browns Boys and all of the actors and actresses and have never missed an episode…then along came ‘all round to Mrs Browns’ and I suddenly realised it’s one and only weakness. Jennifer Gibney cannot act for nuts…she over acts and really should not be on stage. She just about gets away with it in Mrs Browns Boys because Brendan O’Carroll is such a brilliant actor but in the spin off she is a total disaster and completely spoils it but that said it’s a terrible spin off….

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