Michaels Goves were “happy to take any two jobs” in the new cabinet

UK Politics
Michael Gove to run against Michael Gove, should Michael Gove stand for Tory Leader

Boris Johnson is rapidly forming his new cabinet which could see the return of some familiar faces

And the Michael Goves have declared their support and desire to work with the new Prime Minister as he announces his cabinet

“Michael Gove and myself, would only be too happy to accept any two roles in the new administration”, stated Michael Gove, “Michael and myself have worked together on many issues in the past and I feel our very contrasting styles would complement each other beautifully”, Michael Gove added.

Rory Stewart, Phillip Hammond & David Gauke has all resigned from the Cabinet, once Boris Johnson claimed the PM role.

“It’s always sad to see conservative talent move to the backbenches”, lamented Michael Gove, “However, this provides a real opportunity, for young, progressive talent such as Michael Gove and myself, to provide the leadership this country so deeply deserves, in a modern, effective, conservative government”, Michael Gove declared

Phillip Hammond quit so that Johnson can pick a ‘fully aligned’ chancellor

“This is a time for unity, firm policy, determination and a single vision, that only I and Michael Gove can bring to the new administration”, said Michael Gove, “Whilst Michael Gove and myself have had our differences in the past, we have always had the core values of conservatism at our hearts”, Michael Gove was quoted

Michael Gove, famously, ended Boris Johnson’s leadership bid in 2016, by running himself

“A despicable act of treachery, by Michael Gove”, a retrospective Michael Gove said, “I’ve had many conversations with Michael Gove about that incident and I think he is remorseful and now ready to fully unify with myself in our support of the new Prime Minister”, Michael Gove reassured, “Plus the two pay packets will be fully appreciated by Michael Gove and myself”

Michael Gove was appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

While Michael Gove, meanwhile, was appointed as the head of no-deal Brexit planning


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