Michael Goves divided in support for Johnson and Hunt in Leadership Battle

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Extinction Rebellion say meeting Gove was ‘very disappointing’ Reassured that this is the correct emotional response

Jeremy Hunt will face Boris Johnson in the race to be the next PM after Michael Gove was eliminated in the latest Tory leadership ballot.

“Obviously, myself and Michael Gove are, naturally,  disappointed not to be running in the final ballot of three for the leader of the Conservative Party”, said Michael Gove, “I shall, now, focus, regroup and will be fully endorsing the campaign of Boris Johnson. Whereas I understand, my respected colleague, the MP for Surrey Heath, Mr Michael Gove, will be throwing his full  support behind Jeremy Hunt”, Michael Gove went onto say.

Mr Gove was supported by 75 MPs – just two votes short of Mr Hunt’s 77

“Well I hope your readers will forgive me for voting for myself”, Michael Gove confessed, ” However, I understand Michael Gove already ‘jumped ship’ and voted for Jeremy Hunt in the final ballot”, stated Michael Gove, “Had Michael Gove and myself, managed to have a unified position, concerning Michael Gove, things could have been very different”, lamented Michael Gove.

All 313 Conservative MPs voted – with one spoiled ballot recorded.

“Obviously, the identity of the MP who issued a spoiled vote, is not known and should be protected at all costs”, Stated Michael Gove, “But I understand from Michael Gove, the ballot paper was inscribed with ‘Whoever wins, please get me out of the Home Office’ “, chuckled Michael Gove.

Johnson and Hunt will now compete in a run-off of the party’s 160,000 or so members

“This is a real choice for the membership and a chance for Conservatives everywhere, to have a real debate about the future direction of the party and the country.”, stated Michael Gove, “However, it is regrettable that Michael Gove has sunk to crude levels and likened it to  choice between horse or pony excrement”

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