Met Office issues weather warning. Snow poll results: 52% annoyed, 48% excited.

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A weather warning of icy conditions has been issued for most of the UK following widespread snowfall.

A survey of how people feel about the snow has divided the nation with just over half the population saying it pisses them off.

The Met Office issued a yellow warning for likely low level disruption.

One angry commuter explained his feelings: “All this snow, coming over here, stopping us getting to our jobs and clogging up the public transport infrastructure – it’s a bloody disgrace.

“Being isolated and unable to do business can’t be good for British economy can it?

“Did you know that over 350 million schools were closed today? I saw it written on the side of a bus so it must be true.”

The Met Office has warned of ice on some roads, pavements and cycle paths, as well as an increased risk of slips and falls on icy surfaces.

However, there are still many who think the wintry conditions are a wonderful excuse for a day of fun and relaxation.

“It all looked a bit dicey outside so I just stayed in bed for a bit before going into the garden and building a crap snowman. Work’s just not important in the grand scheme of things,” said Prime Minister Theresa May. “That Brexit deal can wait!”

Motorists reported treacherous surfaces, with many having to abandon their vehicles and continue their journeys on foot.

Theresa May said, “I live in my office and it still took me two hours longer than normal to get to work. I didn’t mind though – it was like a magical journey through Narnia and as if I was living in some kind of fantasy world.”

Ah, finally an explanation for her stubborn refusal to resign.

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