May insulted and offended by Blair’s second referendum calls. Boris now gutted he didn’t get in there first.

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Theresa May has said she’s offended by predecessor Tony Blair, who she claims has insulted the office he once held and undermined the Brexit talks by calling for another referendum.

Mrs May has frequently been accused of not listening to the MPs in her own party. If she had, she would heard far worse insults. Boris Johnson in particular is absolutely gutted that’s all it would have taken.

She added: “Parliament has a democratic duty to deliver what the British people voted for.”

How anyone asking for a referendum can claim to be democratic is crazy talk; whereas pushing the Brexit Transition Deal vote back to a point where a lack of time forces conscientious MPs to vote for it is a prime example of the democratic process in action.

It has been suggested that the real reason for pushing back the vote to after Christmas is to give Theresa May more time to figure out how to cancel her free trial to Amazon Prime before it runs out.

Theresa May has insisted that her deal is in accordance with ‘the will of the people’.

Which makes sense assuming the will of the people refers to a document stating the wishes of all those who’ve died since the Brexit referendum.

When Theresa May was asked if her comments about Tony Blair were an attempt to distract the public from how badly Brexit was going, she replied, “Oh look, a squirrel!”

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