Man who spent £30,000 to fight £100 speeding ticket “definitely voted leave” says world.

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Man who spent £30,000 to fight £100 speeding ticket definitely voted leave says single human being who read about him

A man claims he spent £30,000 of life savings to fight a £100 speeding fine.

Richard Keedwell, the man speeding, has been accused by everybody who heard the news of ‘definitely being a brexiteer’.

It is believed that every human being who read the story, rolled their eyes and muttered ‘This guy definitely voted to leave’.

Part of Keedwell’s £30,000 savings included his sons’ inheritance.

This information convinced anybody who was still on the fence about Keedwell that he was, in fact, ‘a complete tool’ and was most definitely was a Brexiteer.

Sarah Cullen, a human being, was unsure how to feel about Keedwell’s actions; when she reached the point in the article that mentioned the inheritance, she immediately became convinced that he was ‘a walnut, who probably voted leave’.

Davis Mavis was discussing the story with his friends at the pub, and the general consensus was that Keedwell ‘voted leave, and was a human bag of wank’.

The case has dragged on for nearly three years, and Keedwell has lost two appeals. His legal fees becoming 300 times what the initial fine would have cost him.

After putting all these facts together, most people realised that Keedwell was legitimately ‘the living embodiment of the Brexit failure in human form’.

Kedwell has spent three tedious years campaigning for something he more than likely won’t get, has wasted a sickening amount of money, alienated his loved ones with his petty, and ruinous attitude, and is generally considered an absolute farcical mess.

It is reported that his sons have chosen to ‘vote leave’ with regards to their relationship to him.


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