Londoners now able to drive classic cars through city for only £12.50.

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Londoners now able to drive classic cars through city for only £12.50 - 2

In what will surely become a popular tourist attraction, Londoners will now be able to drive through the capital in a classic car for only £12.50.

City Hall data showed that many nearly two thirds of drivers have switched to clean vehicles and won’t have to pay the charge

but many drivers miss those long drives into town spewing toxic fumes and now – thanks to the ULEZ – they can reminisce about the pollution filled bygone era for a bargain price.

Drivers will be encouraged to stick to the Ultra Low Emission Zone (or ULEZ for short) and the Major of London Sadiq Khan has said he is expecting as many as 35,000 people

to enjoy the new attraction.

It is expected to raise as much as £210 million a year which will go to Transport For London

to pay for people to come up with reasons why unhappy customers aren’t eligible for refunds.

The Major of London has plans to extend the zone to the North and South Circular roads by October 2021

which will enable even more drivers to experience the joy of belching thick, black poisonous smoke over unsuspecting convertible drivers sitting behind them at the lights.

A local resident commented. “I was going to go on the London Eye but that’s £36 a go and only lasts 30 minutes. If I go on ULEZ I can stay on for 24 hours for only £12.50 – that’s a bargain.”

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