Load of arse on show as Trump presents sumo prize

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Donald Trump watched a sumo tournament on his visit to Japan, and presented a special US made trophy to the winner,

with the Japanese audience saying, after years of watching sumo wrestling, they’ve never seen such a massive arse.

The US president stepped onto the podium to gasps from the crowd. But the sharp intake of breath turned to retching as he opened his mouth and a strong smell of crap entered the arena.

Both competitors said after the event that they were ‘proud’ to meet the president but suggested that for future visits the US government invest in a loin cloth as protocol dictates the arsehole is not seen by the audience.

Trump became the first US president to take part in such a ceremony.

He said it was the first time he’d entered a ring, before scowling at Melania and shaking his head.

The president and first lady joined Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife to watch near naked men in loin cloths grappling with each other.

Trump was quoted as saying ‘culture’s all well and good but what this sport needs is women and jelly’.

The four-day visit is designed to demonstrate the strength of US-Japan relations,

which Japan are keen to build upon now that Trump looks to be on his way out of the White House.

The visit will also include cheeseburgers and golf,

as the Japanese were keen to ensure Trump is treated to things he enjoys, whilst remaining on the right side of decency – and the law.

Trump will be returning to the US soon,

where he’s sure to still be the biggest arse in the country.


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