Leave voters horrified, as Ireland refuses to make more Mrs Browns boys until Brexit demands are met.

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Leave voters horrified, as Ireland refuses to make any more Mrs Browns boys until their Brexit demands are met.

Mrs Brown’s Boys has been tipped to be the most watched programme on Christmas Day. Bookmaker Coral is offering odds of 6-4 that Mrs Brown’s Boys will be the most watched programme.

This however may be the last chance for Leave voters (primarily the core audience) to watch an episode of what the Radio Times dubbed the Greatest British Sitcom of the 21st century, akin to giving a BAFTA to the word ‘tits’ written on the side of a High School bike shed.

The Irish Government are aware of the power that Mrs Browns boys has on members of the british public over 50, many of whom are in the thrall of Boris Johnson,

As a result, the Irish Government are holding the show hostage, and refusing to make any more until their Post-Brexit demands are met.
In a statement released earlier, the Irish government announced:

“We’re aware of the power that Mrs Brown’s Boys has over a certain politically affiliated section of the British Public, and as such, will no longer be making any more episodes. We hope the backlash, from those whose votes he values, will prompt Boris Johnson to act.”

Aunts everywhere are outraged at this news.

“I’ve wanted Brexit for over 40 years,” said 59 year old Sandra Kerri, “But if we have to delay it and deal with Ireland to get more Mrs Brown’s Boys? It’s like Sophie’s choice.”

61 year old Jim Frond  said”If I knew this was going to happen, I would have voted remain. I don’t know what I’ll do if they cancel it. I guess I’ll just have to watch literally any British comedy made between 1970 to 1979.”

Gavin And Stacey and Call The Midwife both have odds at 3-1.

It is believed the declining odds for Gavin and Stacey are due to James Corden’s constant presence over the past few years causing more and more viewers to be outraged with his very existence. His ubiquitous appearances in mainstream movies, and viral videos on seemingly every screen on the planet have caused a backlash against Corden, with him transitioning from ‘cheeky chap’ to ‘human kidney stone’.

Many people have stated that the presence of Corden during their Christmas would be as welcome as a ‘tactical nuclear strike at a primary school sports day’.


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