LAW-XIT: Javid proposes new anti-law law to make law breaking legal!

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LAW-XIT- Javid proposes new anti-law law to make law breaking legal!

Sajid Javid has insisted the government will neither ask for a further Brexit extension nor break a new Brexit law that could require it to do so.


Yes, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is suggesting that breaking the law is no longer illegal so fuck it let’s just do it anyway.

However, it is rumoured that in order to bypass the law (which, like most laws it is illegal to break) which demands they have to force an extension, he will propose a new law making illegality legal.

This frees up all kinds of new possibilities for the tories.

Don’t be surprised if the next tory who votes against the government is taken to the nearest field and vaporised by an anti-tank missile.

PM to ‘test law to limit’ to avoid delay

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in complete agreement, and is suggesting that they will test the new law to its limits…presumably the ‘limit’ being the point where the law is enforced because you’ve broken it you daft bugger.

Laws are not condoms, you don’t fill them up with water to see how much spunk they can hold and then decide they’re safe to use.

You don’t break it or you break it, and if you break it…you’re a fucking criminal.

Now it makes sense; Javid and Johnson are suggesting that the way to push Brexit through is to turn the government into a bunch of lawless criminals who do whatever they want.

But legally.

Right, glad we’ve cleared that up then.


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