Labour to deploy Robocop in last minute effort to get Johnson to obey the law

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Labour to deploy Robocop in last minute effort to get Johnson to obey the law

Boris Johnson has threatened to ignore the law after losing yet another Brexit vote.

On Saturday, MPs backed an amendment aimed at ruling out a no-deal Brexit, by 322 votes to 306.

Johnson, however, has said he will ignore the result and press on, despite a law requiring him to do so.

Labour, fed up with Johnson constantly ignoring the law, have deployed robotically enhanced police officer Robocop in a last ditch attempt to get him to comply.

Robocop-Half man, half machine, All cop- will be sent to hunt Johnson down and bring him in ‘dead or alive’.

This is not the first time that the Prime Minister has acted in a manner that goes against existing laws.

Labour have said that Robocop will finally make Johnson face consequences for his actions, or Johnson will push his luck one more time and resist arrest, resulting in him being blasted to shreds via Robocop’s Auto-9 machine pistol.
Labour have said that either outcome would be ‘fine’.

Robocop is considered an impartial and fair unit of justice, due to his 3 prime directives.

  1. “Serve the public trust”
  2. “Protect the innocent”
  3. “Uphold the law”

These, of course, are the complete opposite of Boris 3 prime directives.

  1. Betray the public trust
  2. Sod the innocent
  3. Ignore the law
  4. (Extra directive) Cheat on your wife

After Johnson’s defeat, Jeremy Corbyn, told the Commons: “The prime minister must now comply with the law. He can no longer use the threat of a no-deal crash-out to blackmail MPs to support his sell-out deal.”

This is why labour are keen to get Robocop on the case, as he has previous examples of dealing with corrupt, wealthy men in positions of power. If Robocop succeeds, labour are also keen to offer him a position on the cabinet, although this may be difficult, as Robocop is not a British Citizen, but the cyborg reanimation of a slain Detroit police officer.


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