Labour confirm their stance on second referendum: they’re ‘not sure’

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Labour confirm their stance on second referendum- they're 'not sure'

The Labour party’s governing body has finally made its mind up on the issue of a second referendum.

Following a meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) they announced they’re ‘not sure.’

A Labour source said, ‘The NEC agreed the manifesto which will be fully in line with Labour’s existing policy

and invited anyone who knows what Labour’s existing policy is to send an email to

The National Executive Committee (NEC) sets the overall direction of the party

by throwing spaghetti at a wall covered in ambiguous policies scribbled on post-it notes and seeing which ones the three longest strands point to.

The NEC’s decision was sufficiently nuanced that MPs have interpreted it in different ways.

Wes Streeting said they had ‘made the right call and confirmed that a public vote will be in our manifesto for the European elections’, while Gloria De Piero said it meant the manifesto would ‘not contain a pledge’ to hold a referendum.

Theresa May invited both MP’s to cross party Brexit talks saying she was impressed with their ‘unequivocal agreement to disagree and ability to interpret a bland statement in their own unique way.’

Tom Watson, along with some trade unions and some party members, had wanted a commitment to a referendum under all circumstances.

But the NEC have criticised Mr Watson. They say his desire to have a clearly defined policy is ‘nonsensical’ and argue that ‘giving voters something they can hold you to is political suicide.’

Labour have not yet made clear what their proposed referendum would be on

but they have committed to thinking about it, talking about in broad terms and ‘at some point’ giving a vague indication as to what might be included.


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