Johnson: “I would back Trump deal on… well… everything”

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Boris Johnson has said the Iran nuclear deal should be replaced with a ‘Trump deal’.

The Prime Minister said the deal should be extended to allow the US president to ‘basically run the world.’

Mr Trump has described the deal as the ‘worst ever’ negotiated.

But said that he expects ‘a good little boy like Boris’ to agree to an ‘even worse one’ by selling out the UK to the Americans.

The Prime Minister described the previous Iran deal as ‘flawed’ adding ‘plus it was negotiated by President Obama.’

A phrase he was forced to say as he had the current president’s hand shoved up his arse and controlling his mouth.

Boris went on to describe Trump as ‘a great deal maker, by his own account’.

A logic that makes Gary Glitter a reliable baby-sitter, Katie Hopkins the perfect Head of Immigration and Piers Morgan not a wanker.

Mr Johnson suggested that once a new nuclear deal is in place, ‘Donald Trump should be made King of the World with responsibility for the moon, the planets and basically everything’ as he is ‘the ultimate human being’.

He said he is ‘in awe’ of Mr Trump and is waiting ‘pen poised’ to sign any kind of deal as he’s ‘absolutely desperate’ after his lies and spin somehow got him elected and he now has millions of gullible fools to placate.

Iran has suspended all limits on its production of enriched uranium, giving it capability to produce nuclear weapons.

And officials have asked why they’re expected to comply with conditions laid down by ‘the only fucking country that has ever dropped one.’


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