John Bercow threatens to “kick the utter shit” out of Johnson if he disobeys Brexit law.

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John Bercow threatens to 'kick the utter shit' out of Johnson if he disobeys Brexit law

Outgoing speaker John Bercow has vowed “creativity” in Parliament, if Boris Johnson ignores a law designed to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Over the past week, comments and actions by members of the Conservative party have suggested that the the prime minister would deliberately break the law to ensure a no-deal Brexit.

John Bercow has said that he would stop Boris Johnson from breaking the law if he tried.

“If he tried to break the law, I would, in layman’s terms, kick the utter shit out of him.”

If the government comes close to disobeying the law, Bercow said that Parliament would want to stop the notion ‘with force’.

Bercow is confident in his abilities, noting that he spent years studying balance between the body and mind in order to develop his powerful and thunderous speaking voice.

“How do you think I’m able to remain calm and raise my voice above the parliamentary chaos? I have practiced forbidden techniques and harnessed my physical form over these many years.
I have the focus and mental resilience on par with Samurai legend Miyamoto Musashi, master of the “Two Heavens as One” combat style and dreaded rival to the Yoshioka-ryū. As I’m sure you’re all taught in school these days.
He traveled Japan on a 7 year warrior pilgrimage, dueling up and down the land. Something I am actually hoping to emulate between Dover and Scotland with all the free time I now have.”

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said Mr Bercow was “exercising his proper role, which is to protect the right of Parliament.”

Mcdonnell added that “If that protection involves a ‘prison style’ revenge beatdown against The Prime Minister without mercy or quarter, then fair enough.”


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