John Bercow lined up for next host of BBC Radio 4’s “Just A Minute”

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John Bercow lined up for next host of BBC Radio 4's Just A Minute

John Bercow says he will stand down as Commons Speaker and MP at the next election or on 31 October, whichever comes first.

And BBC executives have failed to deny that the current (for now) Speaker of the House of Commons, is being lined up as the next host of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Just  Minute’

Speaking in Parliament, Mr Bercow said his 10-year “tenure” was nearing its end and it had been the “greatest honour and privilege” to serve

“And what better time to offer my application to take over, from what must be, the most privileged high office in the Nation”,  the MP for Buckingham and most recent deletion from the PM’s Christmas Card list said, “My ten years as Speaker, has been leading up to this point of high office.”

Current host Nicholas Parsons, has been host of ‘Just A Minute’ since 1967

“Dealing with Paul Merton and Gyles Brandreth, will be a piece of cake after this last session of Parliament”, the 95 year old presenter complimented, “Although I would have liked to seen more bonus points awarded to Jo Swinson, for a challenge we all enjoyed, rewarded more often. I fully endorse his application”

John Bercow, became Speaker of The House of Commons in 2009

“Taking over from, soon to be, Lord Parsons, is a bit ask. But I hope to bring by own unique style….and a few more colourful ties, to the role.

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