Jeremy Hunt to make ‘blood sports’ Olympic Sports if elected

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Jeremy Hunt to make 'blood sports' Olympic Sports if elected

Tory leadership contender Jeremy Hunt has offered MPs a free vote on lifting the ban on fox hunting in England and Wales if he becomes prime minister.

“But the real goal, will be to get blood sports, of all varieties, onto the Olympic Program agenda”, the current Foreign Secretary and soon to be backbencher in Boris Johnson’s government said, “There are thousands of Tory supporters, currently voting for their new leader, champing at the bit every weekend, wanting to exercise their right to rip an animal apart by using a rabid pack of hounds”

Questioned on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Hunt said he had been “restating the position in our manifesto from 2017”.

“That we are regressive party, hell bent on winning over rich tory funding individuals, who enjoy nothing more than the canine disembowelment of an animal chased to exhaustion.”, the richest member of the current cabinet went onto add, “Giving these good (voting) people the dream of Olympic gold is something I want to deliver to those loyal paid up party members.”

“I would vote to repeal the ban on fox hunting,” Mr Hunt told the Daily Telegraph in a recent interview, “it is part of the countryside.”

“There are a whole range of (blood) sports that a proportion of Tory party members  simply excel at and could bring real prestige back to a post-Brexit Britain”, said the man who little more than 18 hours later, refused three times to answer a question, in a BBC interview, on whether he thought fox hunting was cruel, “Just imagine a Team GB 1-2-3 for Hare Coursing at the Los Angeles games in 2028….. Or seal clubbing at the 2026 Winter Games (although the Canadians would put up stiff competition on that one). These people need an outlet for their skills. Dressage simply isn’t doing it for them anymore”

Jeremy Hunt added he did not believe there would “ever” be a majority among MPs in favour of overturning the ban.

“Which is why I haven’t mentioned it until now, but as the Leadership vote is now with the Conservative Membership, it’s time to cash in on the popular opinion of those actually voting in this two-horse (and hounds) race”, chuckled the MP for South West Surrey in an opportunistic fashion.

There is no ban on fox hunting in Northern Ireland

“This is why it is important that Northern Ireland remain a key part of the United Kingdom, after the 31st October”, Mr Hunt(er) went onto state, “The last thing we want (in an independent free-trading, United Kingdom) is all that talent representing the Republic of Ireland on the International stage.”

There are 179 packs recognised by fox hunting’s governing body, the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA): 171 in England and Wales and eight in Scotland

Yes, that’s 179 packs of hunting dogs, that have never killed a fox since the ban in Scotland (2002) and England & Wales (2004). One hundred and seventy nine!


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