James Corden to appear in front of every camera across the world for the forseeable future.

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James Corden to appear in front of every camera across the world for the forseeable future

Actor James Corden was spotted in the town of Barry in Wales, where he is currently filming the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special.

This coincides with media expert reports that there will be no recorded footage or photographic evidence for the next few decades that will not feature James Corden’s face in them.

Inbetween shooting, Corden took the time to take photographs and selfies with fans.

Corden has also started appearing in front of cameras across the globe. Almost in multiple places at once.

A young woman in Belgium said she went to record a friend’s Birthday and Corden’s face appeared in front of the screen, mugging and singing a pop hit. There have been reports of Corden appearing on camera screens in multiple continents in a single day.

BBC Researchers in the Arctic couldn’t film the mating rituals of Yakut horses as every time they switched a camera on, Corden would manifest in front of the Camera.

The Christmas Special of Gavin and Stacey is to air in 2019 after a 9 year hiatus

Corden found the time to write and film inbetween his many projects including his late night show, movie roles, hosting duties and many television projects.

Scientists believe his sightings across cameras in front of the globe will show no sign of stopping, with one declaring “We have to accept James Corden will be on every single screen for decades. Art is Dead”

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