James bond criticised by various ‘family decency’ groups for glorifying ‘drinking on the job’.

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James bond criticised by various 'family decency' groups for glorifying 'drinking on the job'.

The first full-length trailer for Daniel Craig’s final bond film No Time To Die was released Wednesday.

While many fans praised the trailer, a handful of ‘family decency’ groups have risen up to decry the character and what he stands for.

The group “The Nu-Mary Whitehouse renaissance” have launched a petition to ban the film, as they say the character glorifies many ‘irresponsible’ activities, not least the act of drinking while on the job.

Spokesperson Arnold Garnold had this to say:

“The character of James Bond is seen as a beloved British icon, but he is constantly setting a terrible example by making the act of consuming alcohol while at work seem cavalier and desirable.
Bond can be seen having multiple vodka martinis while ‘on the clock’, and this is a serious problem.
He wouldn’t be able to legally operate a forklift, let alone infiltrate a clandestine terrorist syndicate. This sort of behaviour would warrant serious repercussions with his superiors; a written warning at the very least.”

Bond has been criticised in the past for themes that may be seen as sexist and xenophobic.

Although producers have denied this, saying that the character is in no way a member of the Conservative party.

Oscar winner Rami Malek plays the newest villain in the series.

He will join the ranks of notable Bond enemies such as Javier Bardem, Christopher Lee, and Roger Moore’s age in A View to a Kill.

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