ITV to offer therapy for Love Island viewers. (On an 0845 number).

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ITV to offer therapy for Love Island viewers. (On an 0845 number - of course!)

ITV is to offer this year’s Love Island contestants eight therapy sessions when they return home from the show. 

The series of eight therapy sessions could be extended depending on ITV2’s viewing figures after broadcasting them.

ITV will also be offering therapy sessions to Love Island viewers. Viewers will be encouraged to call a special 0845 number and those who correctly answer a multiple choice question will get the free therapy they so desperately need.

The phrasing of the multiple choice question is currently waiting to be approved by ITV’s lawyers but will be along the lines of, “Do you waive all broadcasting rights over material recorded during your therapy sessions? Press 1 for Yes or 2 to be disconnected.”

ITV have taken a number of steps to improve their image which includes enhanced psychological support, more detailed conversations with potential islanders regarding the impact of participation on the show, bespoke training for all islanders on social media and financial management.

Jeremy Kyle has said he’d made great efforts to improve his show’s image months before the events leading to his show’s cancellation but his request to claim plastic surgery on expenses was turned down.

ITV has also taken steps to support Sir David Attenborough’s message and avoid plastic going into the sea with the vast majority of Love Island contestants being instructed to only swim in the pool.

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