ITV commission new ‘Love Island’ spin off, ‘Celebrity Skull Island’.

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ITV commission new 'Love Island' spin off, 'Celebrity Skull Island'.

TV ratings smash Love Island has returned for another series, with new episodes starting this Sunday.

ITV, eager to capitalise on the ongoing success of the show, have revealed they are planning another spin off similar to Celebrity Love Island.
Celebrity Skull Island will find a bunch of sexy single celebs stranded on the titular island, where they will not only be looking for love, but trying to avoid being killed the plethora of ungodly creatures that populate the Island.

The most prominent of these is the giant Ape known as ‘Kong’, who halted production last year after destroying a helicopter containing location scouts and then eating the survivors.

Celebrities such as Gemma Collins, Tulisa from N-Duz, and one of the bottles of WKD in human form from Geordie Shore will face challenges such as the ‘Snogathon’, ‘Sexy Truth or Dare’, and building a shelter from a downed Japanese fighter plane to hide from 10 foot arachnids.
ITV are hoping that the celebrities won’t be killed by the myriad of creatures on the island, but have some backup celebs in place.
The company released a statement acknowledging things may be beyond their control:
“While we have put every possible safeguard in place, ITV accepts the possibility that some contestants may be digested alive by an earthworm the size of a volvo.”

Losers will be voted off, while the 3rd and 2nd place finalists will be ritualistically fed to Kong as an offering to the giant Ape.

ITV are hoping the spin off will be a success, and allow them follow suit with similar planned shows, including Celebrity Azkaban island, Celebrity Island of Dr Moreau, and Celebrity that place from Raiders of the Lost Ark where all those Nazis got fried and blew up.

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