“It wasn’t sexual harassment, just good old fashioned antisemitism” insists Labour MP – “can’t you just investigate me for that?!”

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Alistair Campbell voting Lib Dem is far worse than him taking us into an illegal war in Iraq, say Labour

A Labour MP has welcomed an NCC investigation concerning his conduct during an incident in 1997.

Although he refutes the idea that the harassment was sexual in nature.

The MP who has represented his constituency since 1997, has had his party membership suspended which means he loses the Labour whip in the Commons.

The MP in question released a statement.

“This was not sexual harassment of any kind; it was just friendly, innocent antisemitic harassment.

“The young, pretty (Jewish) girl I sat next to all night seemed fine when I suggested that we step outside to really get down to criticising Israeli foreign policy.

“When we were in the back of the cab,  I mentioned coming back to my hotel room to discuss the issue of the illegal occupation of the West Bank. She asked the driver to stop to let her out. That was the last I saw of her.”

The Labour party was first made aware of a complaint against the MP two years ago, but there was no investigation. When another MP came forward as a witness and with an account of the incident, the panel felt there was enough material to launch an investigation.

“For the sake of the alleged victim—and to give both her and I closure as quickly as possible—I would urge the NCC to act swiftly, decisively and just investigate me for antisemitism. That shouldn’t take long.”

A party spokesman for Labour said: “it takes all complaints of sexual harassment extremely seriously,” but added it could not comment on individual complaints.

The spokesman also stated the Labour party “takes complaints of antisemitism. Regularly”.


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