Irritating drone causes delays at Heathrow. ‘They let me fly before!’ protests Jacob Rees-Mogg. But it wasn’t him – so what was it?!

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Departures at Heathrow were temporarily stopped after reports of yet another irritating drone.

‘They let me fly before!’ protested Jacob Rees-Mogg – wrongly assuming this was yet another swipe at his admittedly tedious Etonian drawl.

Speculation is rife as to exactly what it was that was spotted in the air.

Sources in the police have suggested it was not one, but two Police anti-drone drones.

One sent up as part of a training exercise, the other sent up to find it when they completely lost track of the first.

But there are other theories too…

Was it actually just an EasyJet flight being flown uncharacteristically skilfully?

Or a Ryanair flight that had inexplicably managed to get itself off the ground?

While these theories sound far-fetched, a Heathrow spokesman reminded the press that sometimes things that appear to be small are actually just very, very far away.

Thanks, Heathrow spokesman…

Departures have since resumed, and the hysteria has now died down…

…after the sighting was confirmed as nothing more than an alien spacecraft passing through.

While the cost of cancelled flights will be significant, all of this drone-related chaos isn’t necessarily as big an issue for tourism in the capital as you might think.

Visit Scotland today complained that tourists are now swapping Loch Ness for London – with the popularity of drone-spotting holidays up 354%


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Alexander MJ Smith, Chris Ballard, Simon Paul Miller, Pete Redfern and David Hughes.

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